DBeaver 5.0.6

Release notes:

  • Support of cells edit for queries with joined tables
  • SSH tunnels: test connection button was added
  • Results viewer: horizontal scroll with mouse wheel (with Shift key)
  • Results viewer: extra header tooltips were added
  • PostgreSQL: debugger – fix breakpoints support
  • PostgreSQL: data types loading performance was greatly increased
  • PostgreSQL: search_path updating was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: array data type support was improved
  • MySQL 8+ support was fixed
  • Oracle: jobs scheduling (thanks to Neil Crow)
  • Oracle: schema create dialog improvements
  • Oracle: error positioning was improved
  • Oracle: timestamp with timezone support was added
  • Oracle: CASE statements parser was fixed
  • SQL Server: triggers reading was fixed
  • SQL Server: drop trigger feature was added
  • Vertica: table columns editor (data type, nullability)
  • Redshift: driver version update
  • Cassandra: JSON formatter for all text columns
  • ERD: include nullability in attribute type description
  • Queries history browser was fixed
  • Some keyboard shortcuts were changed (results navigation)
  • Some icons were updated
  • Japanese localization was added (thanks to Ishibashi Takken)
  • Spanish localization was added (thanks to faibistes)
  • Misc minor UI bugfixes
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