DBeaver 5.1

DBeaver 5.1. has been released.

It is a major cumulative version.

Release notes:

  • Results viewer: Groupings panel was added (GROUP BY generator)
  • Results viewer: Aggregate panel was renamed to Calc
  • Results viewer: links navigation was fixed (references rendering)
  • Results viewer: show confirmation if panel data was modified
  • Results viewer: improved drag-n-drop support for all controls
  • Results viewer: icons were fixed
  • Mockdata: template generator was added
  • SQL editor: show stored procedures/functions in SQL completion
  • SQL formatting was fixed (single line comments)
  • XLS export: empty tables export was fixed
  • Update site management preference page was added
  • Columns visibility/order configuration dialog was improved
  • Date/time formatted was fixed (nanoseconds format pattern)
  • HANA: functions source code reading
  • Clickhouse: array data types support was added
  • Oracle: session elapsed time was added
  • Oracle: timestamp with timezone handler was fixed (check driver version)
  • PostgreSQL: drop sequence query was fixed
  • RedShift: driver configuration was fixed
  • Many minor UI bugfixes
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