DBeaver 5.1.5

Release notes:

  • Data import from CSV was added
  • Connection edit dialog was redesigned (General page)
  • SSH tunnel:
    • Support of SOCKS proxy for tunnel connections was added
    • Support of ‘keyboard interactive’ authentication was added
  • Results viewer:
    • SQL script generation was fixed
    • Number -> Epoch time transformer was fixed
    • Plaintext presentation render was fixed
    • Tab name detection for new tabs was fixed
    • Panel and dialog value editors now use monospace font
  • SQL and ERD editors glitch was fixed on Linux (GTK)
  • SQL editor:
    • File rename glitch was fixed
    • Auto-complete was fixed (string replace)
    • Parameters binding dialog additional configuration was added
  • Configuration for connection/schema selectors was added
  • Metadata search page was fixed
  • Basic edit actions toolbar was added
  • Data export in plaintext format was added
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Database create function was fixed
    • Databases refresh function was fixed
    • Error position extraction was fixed for localized client drivers
    • Dump restore (from directory) option was fixed
  • SQL Server: synonyms reading was added
  • Hive: driver was updated (get rid of huge and unstable Maven driver)
  • Vertica: connection page was fixed
  • Snowflake:
    • Connection page was fixed
    • Valid table/view DDL extraction was added
  • SQLite connection dialog was updated (get rid of user/password fields)
  • All jar files are now signed with code-sign certificate (important for Eclipse plugin version)
  • Meta-information (appdata) was added in Debian packages
  • Big number of minor UI and localization fixes
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    DBeaver 5.1.4

    Release notes:

    • Data viewer:
      • Foreign keys/references navigation was improved
      • Unique key detection was changed (ROWID is used only if no natural key was found)
      • String filter editor was fixed
    • Full-text search history navigation was fixed
    • SQL formatter was fixed/improved
    • ERD: self-referencing tables rendering was fixed
    • Error dialog was enhanced (scrollable text for all errors, default focus is on Ok button)
    • Database navigator double-click behavior was extended (open new editor)
    • Database driver search was improved (search in descriptions)
    • Snowflake connection configuration UI was added in CE
    • Elastic Search driver configuration was added
    • AWS Athena driver configuration was added
    • Exasol extension now relies on v6 driver
    • PostgreSQL:
      • Multiple databases filter was fixed
      • Active database detection was fixed
      • Function list reading was fixed for PG < 8.4
      • Foreign server user mapping was added (thanks to @johnatanDM)
      • Permission editor UI was fixed
      • Many minor UI fixes
    • MariaDB/Galera: users editor was improved
    • MySQL/MariaDB: view creation was fixed
    • Oracle:
      • DATE data type support was fixed
      • Table statistics/storage information was added
      • Synonyms support was added in metadata extraction
      • Extra columns were added to Explain Plan nodes
      • Multiline editor for table/column comments
    • Firebird: sequences and triggers reading was fixed for older FB versions
    • Phoenix: metadata reading bug was fixed (databases with single schema)
    • Shortcuts with Ctrl+Alt were changed on Ctrl+Shift
    • DBeaver was migrated to Eclipse 4.8 platform. Besides other improvements this fixes a few old UI bugs on MacOS and Linux.
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    DBeaver 5.1.3

    Release notes:

    • Database objects search fixed (GoTo object dialog)
    • Database full-text search was improved (state loading, bug were fixed, search history was fixed)
    • Default error dialog was redesigned (allow message copy-paste and scrolling)
    • Drivers download errors was fixed (missing Maven artifacts handling)
    • ERD looks-and-feel was fixed. Extra configuration was added.
    • SQL editor:
      • Query comments processing was fixed
      • Left toolbar rendering was fixed (background color issue)
      • SQL formatter for sub-selects was fixed
    • Results viewer:
      • Presentation switch error was fixed
      • Sorting by ambiguous columns was fixed
      • Visualize read-only columns in grid header (different background color + tooltip)
      • Value view panel read-only state handling was fixed
      • Search in value view panels was added
      • Execution log and output panel toggle shortcuts were changed
    • PostgreSQL:
      • Driver version updated to 42.2.3
      • Multi-database support was improved (no need to switch active database on access)
      • Foreign table DDL was fixed
      • Materialized view DDL was fixed
      • Domain data types resolution was fixed (problems with date/time types)
      • Debug perspective switch was fixed
    • MySQL:
      • New driver for MySQL 8.x was added
      • Timestamp time zone issue was resolved
    • Oracle:
      • Tablespace storage information was fixed
    • Yellowbrick driver configuration was added
    • Timescale driver connection page was fixed
    • SAP HANA: activate database switch was added
    • Data export in SQL: null table name issue was fixed
    • Data transfer by segments + table truncate was fixed
    • Database output log contents filtering was added (zero characters)
    • Database navigator: icons position was fixed
    • New table columns rename was fixed
    • MacOS installer was fixed (CE and EE version on the same machine issue)
    • Debug logging was fixed (do not log secure information)
    • Many minor UI fixes
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    DBeaver 5.1.2

    Release notes:

    • SQL editor:
      • Commands toolbar was redesigned
      • SQL formatting for JOINs was fixed
      • Indentation in auto-formatter was fixed
      • Vertical editor selection bug was fixed
      • Support multiple values in @SET command
      • Command shortcut processing was fixed
    • Results viewer:
      • Filter editor behavior was fixed (Enter key processing)
      • Glitch with text edit panel (CLOBs) was fixed
      • Column (row) drag-n-drop in record mode is now supported
    • ERD:
      • Entity render was improved
      • Associations (foreign keys) resolution was fixed
    • PostgreSQL:
      • Active database switching was fixed
      • Metadata editor was improved (materialized views tablespace, table extra options)
      • Materialized views refresh tool
      • Explain plan conditions formatting was added
      • Index columns view was improved
    • MariaDB/MySQL:
      • Server time zone selected add in connection edit page (MySQL only)
      • Show view algorithm in metadata viewer
      • Save view was fixed
      • Save Trigger was fixed
      • Permissions grant was fixed for HISTORY privilege (MariaDB)
    • Oracle:
      • Show used/available space for tablespaces
      • View source extraction was fixed (extra semicolon issue)
      • Procedures auto-completion was fixed
    • DB2: sequence creation was fixed
    • SQLite: sequence reading was fixed
    • SAP HANA: procedures and functions were separated
    • Timescale: driver configuration was added
    • GoTo database object dialog: connection health checking was added
    • Row count calculation for custom queries was fixed
    • Metadata editor supports dialog with multiline editor for comments/remarks
    • Output log viewer auto-clear option was added
    • Connection invalidate was fixed (do not show notifications for alive connections)
    • Many minor UI and localization fixes
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    DBeaver 5.1.1

    Release notes:

    • Results viewer:
      • Filter text can be expanded (for multi-line filter values)
      • Filter editor now supports undo/redo and drag-n-drop
      • Text value editor was fixed (undo/redo commands)
      • Grouping panel UI was fixed (settings save, dark theme, keys navigation)
      • Table ordering is saved between foreign keys navigation
      • Context menu was refactored
    • SQL Editor:
      • Parser performance was improved
      • SQL formatting was improved
      • Support special characters in table names for auto-completion
      • Stored procedures execute was improved
      • Stored procedures names auto-completion was added
    • Driver manager dialog was fixed
    • ERD:
      • Palette is visible by default
      • Notes edit was fixed (+ undo/redo)
    • Table/tree editors UI was fixed for MacOS
    • Ping/keep-alive background jobs visualization was fixed
    • PostgreSQL:
      • Use fully qualified data type names in DDL
      • View default values for procedure parameters
      • Enum/set values editor was fixed
      • Revoke all permissions command was fixed
      • Show template databases
    • MySQL:
      • Event DDL was fixed
      • View DDL was fixed
    • SQL Server: datetime/datetime2 data types handle was fixed
    • HSQLDB: synonyms support was added
    • Data transfer:
      • CSV values escaping was fixed
      • Support export in SQL format for custom SQL queries
      • Finish wizard message can be suppressed
    • Localization was improved
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    DBeaver 5.1

    DBeaver 5.1. has been released.

    It is a major cumulative version.

    Release notes:

    • Results viewer: Groupings panel was added (GROUP BY generator)
    • Results viewer: Aggregate panel was renamed to Calc
    • Results viewer: links navigation was fixed (references rendering)
    • Results viewer: show confirmation if panel data was modified
    • Results viewer: improved drag-n-drop support for all controls
    • Results viewer: icons were fixed
    • Mockdata: template generator was added
    • SQL editor: show stored procedures/functions in SQL completion
    • SQL formatting was fixed (single line comments)
    • XLS export: empty tables export was fixed
    • Update site management preference page was added
    • Columns visibility/order configuration dialog was improved
    • Date/time formatted was fixed (nanoseconds format pattern)
    • HANA: functions source code reading
    • Clickhouse: array data types support was added
    • Oracle: session elapsed time was added
    • Oracle: timestamp with timezone handler was fixed (check driver version)
    • PostgreSQL: drop sequence query was fixed
    • RedShift: driver configuration was fixed
    • Many minor UI bugfixes
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    DBeaver 5.0.6

    Release notes:

    • Support of cells edit for queries with joined tables
    • SSH tunnels: test connection button was added
    • Results viewer: horizontal scroll with mouse wheel (with Shift key)
    • Results viewer: extra header tooltips were added
    • PostgreSQL: debugger – fix breakpoints support
    • PostgreSQL: data types loading performance was greatly increased
    • PostgreSQL: search_path updating was fixed
    • PostgreSQL: array data type support was improved
    • MySQL 8+ support was fixed
    • Oracle: jobs scheduling (thanks to Neil Crow)
    • Oracle: schema create dialog improvements
    • Oracle: error positioning was improved
    • Oracle: timestamp with timezone support was added
    • Oracle: CASE statements parser was fixed
    • SQL Server: triggers reading was fixed
    • SQL Server: drop trigger feature was added
    • Vertica: table columns editor (data type, nullability)
    • Redshift: driver version update
    • Cassandra: JSON formatter for all text columns
    • ERD: include nullability in attribute type description
    • Queries history browser was fixed
    • Some keyboard shortcuts were changed (results navigation)
    • Some icons were updated
    • Japanese localization was added (thanks to Ishibashi Takken)
    • Spanish localization was added (thanks to faibistes)
    • Misc minor UI bugfixes
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    DBeaver 5.0.5

    Release notes:

    • PostgreSQL procedures debugger was added in CE
    • Search in query history feature was added
    • Query manager view was redesigned
    • DBUnit data export format support was added (thanks to Henrik Hansen)
    • Eclipse Mars (and earlier) support was fixed
    • Foreign key values browser was improved (progress visualizing, values ordering)
    • Results viewer/editor key bindings activation was fixed
    • Results viewer now respects database navigator filters (default column visibility)
    • Results viewer shortcuts (fetch page/fetch all) were changed to avoid conflicts with Linux def shortcuts
    • XLS data exporter was improved (column comments support)
    • SQL formatter was fixed (special characters processing)
    • SQL Editor: auto-completion was fixed for Generic driver (including SQL Server and Informix)
    • Connect, disconnect and invalidate timeouts were added
    • PostgreSQL: view comments and permissions support was added
    • PostgreSQL: asynchronous server output reading is now supported
    • PostgreSQL: schema create was fixed
    • MariaDB: packages support was added, procedures read was fixed
    • DB2: table columns create/edit supports was added
    • Oracle CASE statement parsing was fixed
    • Misc minor UI bugfixes
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    Important notice:

    We decided that DBeaver deserves a second level domain.
    So, eventually, the community web site has moved from dbeaver.jkiss.org to dbeaver.io.

    All existing links should work fine (they will be just redirected to the same page link on dbeaver.io).

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    DBeaver 5.0.4

    Release notes:

    • Different action icons were fixed (results viewer, SQL editor, file operations)
    • Results viewer: context menu was redesigned (compacted)
    • Results viewer: scrolling shortcuts were changed
    • HighDPI support: composite icons rendering was fixed
    • Data export: SQL INSERT format support for custom SQL queries
    • Mockdata: commands contributions (menu and toolbar) was fixed
    • SQL editor: object search now can search inside object names
    • SQL editor: auto-indent was fixed (identifier replace issue)
    • SQL editor: “to upper case/to lower case” command shortcuts were fixed
    • SQL editor: bold font style configuration
    • Bookmarks drag-n-drop inserts real object name
    • Database objects create: mixed case identifiers support was fixed
    • Database aliases support was added (DB2, Oracle)
    • Diagram viewer: support aliases drag-n-drop
    • Diagram viewer: tables/columns copy action was added, context menu was redesigned
    • Table truncate support (for data transfer, mock data generators, etc)
    • Oracle: default driver version changed to 12.2
    • Oracle: expired passwords change UI
    • Oracle: DROP INDEX was fixed
    • PostgreSQL: permissions reading was redesigned
    • PostgreSQL: table columns permissions view/edit support was added
    • PostgreSQL: create function dialog redesign
    • PostgreSQL: schema DDL support was added
    • PostgreSQL: schema comments edit support was added
    • PostgreSQL: tablespace edit support was added
    • PostgreSQL: constraint indexes support
    • PostgreSQL: default schema change was fixed
    • PostgreSQL: trigger attribute view
    • MySQL: enum columns parser was fixed
    • SQLite: read-only connections support was added
    • Firebird: driver version was updated. 2.x driver was removed.
    • Firebird: SET TERM command evaluation was fixed
    • Vertica: tables, projections and columns comments support was added
    • Clickhouse: metadata read fix
    • Misc minor UI bugfixes
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