DBeaver 5.2.4

  • Results viewer:
    • Ordering confirmation config was fixed (issue with "unsortable" results fixed)
    • Toolbars layout was changed
    • Grid presentation: columns width stretching (fit screen/value) commands were added
    • Plaintext presentation: tabs support was fixed
  • SQL editor:
    • Associated connection info can be placed in the first line of script (can be shared between different users)
    • Unnecessary objects information reading was disabled (completion performance was greatly improved)
    • Auto-completion was fixed (identifier replacement)
    • Use different syntax for store functions and procedures invocation
    • Fix for the "Search inside names" option support
  • Object editor:
    • Property editor form was redesigned/fixed
    • Glitch with jumping cursor fixed
    • Grid visibility config was added
  • Read-only connections detection was fixed
  • Light theme is now default DBeaver theme (instead of Classic)
  • Preferences pages were reorganized. SQL scripts processing pref page was added.
  • Driver selection page: new design (optional)
  • Linked folder/file handling was fixed (do not delete broken links)
  • Data transfer wizard: progress monitor was fixed
  • Greenplum:
    • Functions header/footer was added to DDL
    • Table DDL generation was enhanced
  • SQL Server: procedure names fixed in auto-completion
  • AWS Athena: connection page was fixed
  • ORacle: do not use DBA_* views by default
  • Mock data generation wizard was improved:
    • Possibility to skip columns
    • Column generator settings save/load was fixed
    • Skip auto-generated columns by default
  • Darkest Dark theme support was fixed
  • German language localization update (thanks to Bullnados)
  • Chinese language localization update (thanks to fengchao)
  • Maven configuration was redesigned (now Maven project nature can be used in Eclipse)
  • A lot of minor UI fixes

Enterprise Edition

DBeaver CE contains based features only. Try DBeaver EE with:
  • NoSQL and BigData database support
  • Advanced security
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Query History
  • Pack of all main drivers
  • And many more

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