DBeaver Community

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DBeaver PRO

Commercial versions
  • Basic support for relational databases:
    MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and others
  • Data Editor
  • SQL Editor
  • Database schema editor
  • DDL
  • Basic ER Diagrams
  • Basic charts
  • Data export/import
  • Task management
  • Database maintenance tools

  • All DBeaver Community features
  • Advanced security
  • Advanced support for relational databases
  • Connection through ODBC drivers
  • NoSQL databases support:
    MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, CouchDB and others
  • Cloud databases support:
    Redshift, Google BigQuery, Oracle Cloud and others
  • Native support for AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
  • Cloud storage support
  • Metadata management tools
  • Database performance visual tools
  • AI assistant in SQL
  • Multi-component task management
  • Task Scheduler
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Ongoing technical support

DBeaver 24.1.1

  • AI: GPT-4o model was supported
  • SQL Editor:
    • Auto-save editor setting was enabled by default
    • ILIKE keyword was supported
    • Support for unsigned numbers in GROUP BY clause was added
    • Syntax highlighting and outline viewer support parameter changes in SQL Processing settings
    • Links to the SQL Editor and Visual Query Builder were added to the Context menu
    • Buttons in the right toolbar were renamed
    • Print mode in ER Diagrams and Execution plan was fixed
    • Saving Diagram outside the workspace was fixed
  • Data Editor:
    • Information about table unique key is displayed in the grid
    • BETWEEN and LIKE keywords were added to filetr autocomplection
  • Data transfer:
    • Export of data with backticks was fixed (thanks to @diashalabi)
    • Export of binary columns in JSON format was fixed
  • General:
    • Ability to restore default settings was fixed in SQL Editor Formatting settings, SQL Editor settings, SQL Editor Commit type, Error handling settings, and Hex Editor default width
    • Creating a view from the UI was fixed
    • Buttons display when creating new dashboard was fixed
    • New table creation was fixed
  • The following drivers were updated:
    • Firebird to version 5.0.4
    • Redshift to
    • Informix to 4.50.JC10W1
  • Databases:
    • Altibase: Search for server properties was added (thanks to @zennken)
    • BigQuery: Ability to see bytes billed in Statistics panel in the Data Editor was added
    • Cubrid:
      • Execution plan coloring was enhanced (thanks to @hwany7seo)
      • Ability to create a table via UI was added (thanks to @longhaseng52)
      • DDL display for a view was added together with the ability to display the list of indexes, synonyms, serials, triggers, and procedures (thanks to @longhaseng52)
      • Ping query for keep connection alive was added (thanks to @rathana-pvs)
      • Partition display was added (thanks to @rathana-pvs)
    • PostgreSQL:
      • If database field in connection settings is empty, user name is used as a database name
      • Work of ‘Use fully qualified names’ setting was fixed for views
    • Redis: Key settings were fixed
    • Redshift: Constraint creation was fixed
    • Vertica: Stored procedures handling in SQL Editor was fixed

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