DBeaver 5.0.5

Release notes:
  • PostgreSQL procedures debugger was added in CE
  • Search in query history feature was added
  • Query manager view was redesigned
  • DBUnit data export format support was added (thanks to Henrik Hansen)
  • Eclipse Mars (and earlier) support was fixed
  • Foreign key values browser was improved (progress visualizing, values ordering)
  • Results viewer/editor key bindings activation was fixed
  • Results viewer now respects database navigator filters (default column visibility)
  • Results viewer shortcuts (fetch page/fetch all) were changed to avoid conflicts with Linux def shortcuts
  • XLS data exporter was improved (column comments support)
  • SQL formatter was fixed (special characters processing)
  • SQL Editor: auto-completion was fixed for Generic driver (including SQL Server and Informix)
  • Connect, disconnect and invalidate timeouts were added
  • PostgreSQL: view comments and permissions support was added
  • PostgreSQL: asynchronous server output reading is now supported
  • PostgreSQL: schema create was fixed
  • MariaDB: packages support was added, procedures read was fixed
  • DB2: table columns create/edit supports was added
  • Oracle CASE statement parsing was fixed
  • Misc minor UI bugfixes

Enterprise Edition

You could try DBeaver EE if you need to work with NoSQL, need extra features like Office integration or just want to support Community Edition development.

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