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DBeaver 5.1.1

Release notes:
  • Results viewer:
    • Filter text can be expanded (for multi-line filter values)
    • Filter editor now supports undo/redo and drag-n-drop
    • Text value editor was fixed (undo/redo commands)
    • Grouping panel UI was fixed (settings save, dark theme, keys navigation)
    • Table ordering is saved between foreign keys navigation
    • Context menu was refactored
  • SQL Editor:
    • Parser performance was improved
    • SQL formatting was improved
    • Support special characters in table names for auto-completion
    • Stored procedures execute was improved
    • Stored procedures names auto-completion was added
  • Driver manager dialog was fixed
  • ERD:
    • Palette is visible by default
    • Notes edit was fixed (+ undo/redo)
  • Table/tree editors UI was fixed for MacOS
  • Ping/keep-alive background jobs visualization was fixed
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Use fully qualified data type names in DDL
    • View default values for procedure parameters
    • Enum/set values editor was fixed
    • Revoke all permissions command was fixed
    • Show template databases
  • MySQL:
    • Event DDL was fixed
    • View DDL was fixed
  • SQL Server: datetime/datetime2 data types handle was fixed
  • HSQLDB: synonyms support was added
  • Data transfer:
    • CSV values escaping was fixed
    • Support export in SQL format for custom SQL queries
    • Finish wizard message can be suppressed
  • Localization was improved

Enterprise Edition

You could try DBeaver EE if you need to work with NoSQL, need extra features like Office integration or just want to support Community Edition development.

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