DBeaver 6.3.5

  • Data viewer:
    • Read-only columns UI was improved (icon + explanation were added)
    • Filter text content assistant was significantly improved
    • Row count calculation control UI ws fixed
    • "Set default value" shortcut was changed
    • Ordering in record mode was fixed
    • Data change confirmation was fixed
    • Plaintext presentation rendering was fixed (extra spaces)
    • Numbers native representation mode (no client-side formatting) was added
  • SQL editor:
    • Export from query task was fixed
    • Output tab now remains active after query execute
    • Auto-commit toggle was fixed (rollback is performed on mode switch)
    • Connection initialization was fixed ("Not connected to a database" bug)
    • Column values assistance was added
    • Numbers color and font was fixed
  • ERD viewer:
    • Entity/schema diagram "reset" action was added
    • "Show views" option handle was fixed
  • Connections and drivers:
    • Variables support was improved (now all properties may contain variables)
    • Maven artifact version resolution was fixed (null version bug)
    • External drivers configuration support was added (see wiki)
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Query cancellation was fixed
    • Hyperlinks and "Go to object" action were fixed (now they use current database instead of default one)
    • Schema privileges were added in DDL
    • Indexes read was fixed (redundant primary key constraint was removed)
    • Arrays of domain types support was fixed
    • Column copy-paste support was added
  • MySQL:
    • Identifiers redundant quotation was fixed
    • Column copy-paste support was added
  • Oracle:
    • Default schema detection was fixed
    • Double compilation of package was fixed
    • PL/SQL parser was improved (case .. when .. end)
  • DB2: alter column DDL was fixed (column modifiers were added)
  • SQL Server: metadata search was fixed (wrong object types bug)
  • AWS Athena: error position highlighting was added
  • Sybase: legacy versions (12 and earlier) support was improved
  • A lot of minor bugfixes

Enterprise Edition

DBeaver CE contains based features only. Try DBeaver EE with:
  • NoSQL and BigData database support
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Analytical charts
  • Query History
  • Pack of all main drivers
  • And many more

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