DBeaver 5.1.3

Release notes:
  • Database objects search fixed (GoTo object dialog)
  • Database full-text search was improved (state loading, bug were fixed, search history was fixed)
  • Default error dialog was redesigned (allow message copy-paste and scrolling)
  • Drivers download errors was fixed (missing Maven artifacts handling)
  • ERD looks-and-feel was fixed. Extra configuration was added.
  • SQL editor:
    • Query comments processing was fixed
    • Left toolbar rendering was fixed (background color issue)
    • SQL formatter for sub-selects was fixed
  • Results viewer:
    • Presentation switch error was fixed
    • Sorting by ambiguous columns was fixed
    • Visualize read-only columns in grid header (different background color + tooltip)
    • Value view panel read-only state handling was fixed
    • Search in value view panels was added
    • Execution log and output panel toggle shortcuts were changed
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Driver version updated to 42.2.3
    • Multi-database support was improved (no need to switch active database on access)
    • Foreign table DDL was fixed
    • Materialized view DDL was fixed
    • Domain data types resolution was fixed (problems with date/time types)
    • Debug perspective switch was fixed
  • MySQL:
    • New driver for MySQL 8.x was added
    • Timestamp time zone issue was resolved
  • Oracle:
    • Tablespace storage information was fixed
  • Yellowbrick driver configuration was added
  • Timescale driver connection page was fixed
  • SAP HANA: activate database switch was added
  • Data export in SQL: null table name issue was fixed
  • Data transfer by segments + table truncate was fixed
  • Database output log contents filtering was added (zero characters)
  • Database navigator: icons position was fixed
  • New table columns rename was fixed
  • MacOS installer was fixed (CE and EE version on the same machine issue)
  • Debug logging was fixed (do not log secure information)
  • Many minor UI fixes

Enterprise Edition

You could try DBeaver EE if you need to work with NoSQL, need extra features like Office integration or just want to support Community Edition development.

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