DBeaver 22.3.3

  • SQL editor:
    • Output logs viewer now respects log levels and supports log search
    • Auto-completion for mixed case schema name was fixed
    • Result tabs count message was fixed
    • Auto-completion of cell values is now configurable
    • Query execute time is now populated in statistics (thanks to @bob27aggiustatutto)
    • Mixed-case variables resolution was fixed
    • Execute statistics UI was fixed (redundant info was removed)
    • NPEs during auto-completion were fixed
  • Data editor:
    • Column name ordering in record mode was fixed
    • Chart type configuration added to the context menu
    • Issue with column focus in context menus was fixed
  • General UI:
    • Database navigator now respects font size customization
    • Dashboard graphs now support dark themes
  • DB2: client application name population was fixed
  • Exasol: privileges reading was fixed for SaaS (thanks to @allipatev)
  • MySQ:/MariaDB: schema privileges save was fixed (issue with UI refresh)
  • Oracle: complex data types resolution was fixed for resultsets
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Full backup with roles and groups is now supported
    • View triggers DDL was added
    • Procedure debugger was fixed
    • Issue with URL-baes connections backup was resolved
    • Vector data types support was fixed
    • Aggregate functions DDL was fixed
  • Redshift: incorrect schemas info read in different databases was fixed
  • Snowflake:
    • Java 17 support has been added
    • Complex DDL statements parser was improved
  • SQL Server: procedures and functions rename was fixed
  • Vertica: comments read can e disabled for all metadata (for performance)

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