DBeaver 23.0.5

  • SQL Editor:
    • Autocomplete for WHERE and SELECT shows aliases with the aliased table
    • Hovering information for SQL errors and spelling annotations was added
    • Variable and parameter names in the binding dialog are now displayed in their original case
    • Information about assigning a non-dynamic variable was added to the binding dialog
    • Issue with incorrect icon for Execute SQL Statement after opening Output tab was fixed
    • Query Manager: ‘Restore Default’ button behavior was improved
    • Ability to directly execute SQL scripts in native clients was added
  • Data transfer:
    • Ability to trim string values when exporting to XLSX was added
    • Handling of datetimeoffset was added
  • General UI:
    • Part divider UI was redesigned
    • Option to increase formatting time was added in Preferences
    • Issue with closing pinned tabs using ‘Close Tabs to the Left’ was fixed
  • Connectivity:
    • Issue with driver fallback not being updated was fixed
  • Databases:
    • ClickHouse: driver was updated to 0.4.6 (thanks to @zhicwu)
    • Databricks: handling of data types without parameters was added
    • Hana: comments handling was fixed
    • MySQL: partitions are now supported
    • Oracle: TNS import was fixed
    • PostgreSQL:
      • Issue with duplicate tables with generated columns in Database Navigator was fixed
      • Error message about line on the map created with a single point was added
      • Schema refresh was fixed
    • SQLite: ability to open ER Diagram in the Simple View was added
  • Localization:
    • German localization was improved (thanks to @hype11)
    • Italian localization was improved (thanks to @Gnafu)

DBeaver Professional

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