DBeaver 22.0.4

  • SQL editor:
    • Problem with semicolon on a new line was fixed
    • Problem with client-side commands parsing was fixed
    • Error highlighting support was improved
    • Tabs close/confirmation behavior was improved
    • Script with multiple @set commands processing was fixed
    • Command for data export automation was added (@export)
    • Toggle comment command was fixed (thanks to @arvillion)
    • SQL script datasource association command was fixed
  • Data editor:
    • Value filter now shows total number of distinct values
    • Search for whole word was fixed
    • Custom filter value save was fixed
  • Spatial viewer:
    • Ability to select spatial objects on map and data grid was added
    • Default zoom level option was added
  • Data transfer:
    • Default data type mapping was improved (especially for char/varchar columns)
    • Multi-table transfer now opens all target tables
    • Database restore task now requires additional confirmation
    • Output folder parameter now supports additional variables
    • Import task UI was fixed (problem with lost target tables configuration)
    • SQL export format now supports append mode
  • Navigator: database selector popup was fixed (null pointer error)
  • SSH: problem with connections and corrupted known_hosts file was resolved
  • CLI: parameter “create” was fixed for connection opened using -con parameter
  • Windows: DBeaver now supports workspaces on network paths (e.g. \network-shareworkspace)
  • MacOS: problem with UI freeze after data edit was fixed
  • DB2 i: keys and foreign keys metadata read was fixed
  • MySQL:
    • Generate SQL for geometry data types was fixed
    • Permission editor was fixed (problem with duplicated permissions)
    • Problem with decimal data types with zerofill flag was fixed
    • UPDATE SET replace method was added
  • Netezza: table rename SQL was fixed
  • Oracle: table partition metadata read was fixed
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Problem with SQL generation and JSONB columns was fixed
    • View column edit support was added
    • Default driver version was changed to 42.2.25 due to security reasons
  • SQLite: connection settings dialog UI was fixed (Open and Create buttons behavior)
  • SQL Server:
    • Money data type support was fixed
    • Connection settings dialog was redesigned
  • A lot of minor fixes in application localization

Enterprise Edition

DBeaver CE contains based features only. Try DBeaver EE with:
  • NoSQL and BigData database support
  • Visual Query Builder
  • Analytical charts
  • Query History
  • Pack of all main drivers
  • And many more

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