DBeaver 5.0.5

Release notes:

  • PostgreSQL procedures debugger was added in CE
  • Search in query history feature was added
  • Query manager view was redesigned
  • DBUnit data export format support was added (thanks to Henrik Hansen)
  • Eclipse Mars (and earlier) support was fixed
  • Foreign key values browser was improved (progress visualizing, values ordering)
  • Results viewer/editor key bindings activation was fixed
  • Results viewer now respects database navigator filters (default column visibility)
  • Results viewer shortcuts (fetch page/fetch all) were changed to avoid conflicts with Linux def shortcuts
  • XLS data exporter was improved (column comments support)
  • SQL formatter was fixed (special characters processing)
  • SQL Editor: auto-completion was fixed for Generic driver (including SQL Server and Informix)
  • Connect, disconnect and invalidate timeouts were added
  • PostgreSQL: view comments and permissions support was added
  • PostgreSQL: asynchronous server output reading is now supported
  • PostgreSQL: schema create was fixed
  • MariaDB: packages support was added, procedures read was fixed
  • DB2: table columns create/edit supports was added
  • Oracle CASE statement parsing was fixed
  • Misc minor UI bugfixes
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