DBeaver 3.7.6


  • ODBC: database metadata reading was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: SQL autocomplete fixed (with schema name)
  • PostgreSQL: multi-dimension arrays support
  • Oracle: advanced constraint types support
  • MS SQL: drop table in non-active database fix
  • SQL execution: query metadata reading is now configurable
  • Results viewer: metadata extraction (attribute binding) is now configurable
  • Results viewer: copy column/row names command introduced
  • Results editor: fixed activation on key press
  • SQL completion: auto completion improved and enabled by default
  • SQL formatting: special characters formatting was fixed
  • Windows installer: fixed support of target folder (/D) in silent install (/S)
  • ERD: fixed problem with multiple unique keys
  • Metadata browser: objects refresh was fixed
  • Metadata browser: column values rendering fixed
  • CSV export: data formats settings fixed
  • UI fixes for better GTK support
  • Added support of Open JDK 9
  • Many minor UI bugfixes
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