DBeaver 3.7.7


  • Results viewer UI redesign
  • Exasol extension (by Karl Griesser). Basic features:
    • DDL for views, tables, scripts
    • Table editor
    • Connection objects browser
    • Session manager
    • Security browser
    • Explain execution plan
  • Table/constraint/index edit dialogs were improved
  • Date/time values rendering was redesigned (for export and SQL generation).
  • CLOBs encoding problem was fixed
  • DBeaver version check/update was fixed
  • Statements timeout config fixed (+Cassandra support)
  • SQL Editor: script execution visualization was added
  • ERD: types names rendering was fixed
  • Drivers download UI was improved
  • Disconnect All command added
  • MySQL: triggers create/refresh was fixed
  • MySQL: column creation dialog
  • PostgreSQL: hyperlinks/object navigation was fixed
  • Oracle: CLOB/BLOB export was improved
  • ODBC: connection initialization was fixed
  • MacOS: product icon was fixed (thanks to Jose de Modena)
  • MacOS/Linux: checkbox editor rendering was fixed
  • Linux: results viewer rendering was fixed
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