DBeaver 3.7.5


  • Aggregate functions: Distinct count, Min/Max for non-numeric types, Mode and Median functions were added
  • MetaData panel was added in result panels
  • Results filters/ordering improvement (support of joins)
  • Data transfer: columns mapping was fixed (now support columns skip), BIGINT datatype support was fixed
  • MetaData compare wizard was fixed (PG)
  • JSON and XML support in value editor
  • Value edit panel: misc fixes (gtk)
  • ER diagrams: entity/attributes colors were fixed
  • Attributes binding performance increased
  • SQL completion processor was fixed
  • Multi-project workspaces support was improved
  • PostgreSQL: view and materialized view edit, a few metadata additions
  • MySQL: by default uses 5.x drivers to avoid problems with server charset
  • Oracle: metadata reading was improved
  • SQL Server: table data viewer fixed (use fully-qualified table name)
  • RedShift: driver update (+ support of LIMIT in table queries)
  • A lot of minor UI fixes
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