DBeaver 3.6

DBeaver 3.6 has been released (finally!).
Main new feature – PostgreSQL extension. It supports many PostgreSQL specific features but, honestly, it doesn’t cover 100% of functionality. Maybe 70%.
This extension will be improved in further versions.
Brief changelist:

  • PostgreSQL: new extension was added (metadata editor, data types, sessions, inheritance, support of arrays, structures, enums, uuids, hstore, etc).
  • Cassandra: driver was updated to 3.0
  • DB2: nicknames, temp tables, execution plan
  • Amazon Redshift driver was added
  • SQL generation was fixed
  • Stored procedures/views save was fixed
  • SQL editor statement highlighting was redesigned
  • Data transfer fixes (binary data export)
  • Property viewer was fixed
  • UI freezes during save were fixed
  • A lot of minor UI fixes
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