DBeaver 3.5.9

DBeaver 3.5.9 has been released.

This version contains many bugfixes and a couple of new features:
  • Color results (based on column values)
  • UI freeze during table data save was fixed
  • SSH tunnel: password prompt was fixed
  • Properties editor fixed
  • Resources (scripts, diagrams, etc) copy/paste support was added
  • SQL formatter fixed (WHEN .. THEN)
  • Resultset filter dialog was improved
  • Data import wizard was fixed
  • Identifiers (table/column names) quote was fixed
  • Metadata compare error was fixed
  • ERD loading (contents) was fixed
  • MySQL/PostgreSQL/Vertica: SELECT .. LIMIT bug was fixed
  • Oracle: table rename fixed
  • Oracle: tnsnames parser was improved
  • Teradata: default port set
  • A few minor UI bugs were fixed
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