DBeaver 5.0

DBeaver 5.0 has been released.

Brief changelist:

  • Mock data generator extension release. UI changes, lots of bugfixes.
  • PostgreSQL debugger (beta version)
  • PostgreSQL: constraints DDL was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: PostGIS support was fixed (array of geometry type)
  • Vertica: UDF support (read-only)
  • Vertica: flex tables support (read-only)
  • Oracle: include comments in view DDL
  • Auto-reconnect after connection failure feature was added (configurable)
  • Auto-refresh for sessions and transaction lock views was added
  • SQL editor: auto-complete for JOIN was fixed/improved
  • Metadata search was fixed (NPE)
  • Results viewer: grid background colour shows cells state
  • Results viewer: column header render was fixed
  • Excel export: support of column descriptions in header
  • Settings for the page switch saving on the connection page were fixed
  • Keyboard shortcuts for the SQL editor opening were fixed
  • Entity editor save/revert changes actions were fixed (refresh contents)
  • Decimal part rendering is now configurable for the numeric data type
  • Command line handling (-con) was fixed (drivers search)
  • Fixes for the driver editor dialog were implemented: NPE fixes, show driver ID
  • Edit connection dialog was fixed (dialog layout glitch)
  • Dialog for errors was fixed – now default button is Stop
  • Numerous localization fixes
  • Many minor UI fixes
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