DBeaver 3.5.1

Brief changelist:

  • Table columns rename feature added (MySQL, DB2, Oracle)
  • Possibility to create embedded database added (Derby, H2)
  • Templates assistant feature added (Shift+Tab)
  • Launcher icons fixed
  • MS Access driver updated
  • Informix driver updated
  • Multiple config fixes support fixes
  • Export of MySQL routines added
  • Multiple resultsets support added to DB2
  • Decimal columns handling fixed
  • Stored procedures/packages loading fixed (UI freeze fixed)
  • Maven artifact version resolve fixed (exclude alpha/beta versions)
  • DBeaver now depends on Java 1.7
  • A few UI fixes

Note: if you upgraded from a previous version and DBeaver doesn’t start: try to run it with command line parameter “-clean” (“dbeaver -clean”)

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