DBeaver 3.5.0

Brief changelist:

  • Driver manager and driver download dialogs were redesigned and improved.
  • Connection wizard was improved. Driver settings button added.
  • DBeaver now uses Maven repositories to download JDBC drivers.
  • Support of Maven artifacts was added to driver editor dialog.
  • Oracle and DB2 JDBC drivers were removed from DBeaver distribution. Now they have to be downloaded manually (due to license restrictions).
  • Data formatter was fixed (problem with cached configuration).
  • Export to SQL INSERTs was fixed (quotes).
  • Multiple connections configuration files support added (DBeaver loads all config files matching .dbeaver-data-sources*.xml).
  • Many minor UI fixes.
  • Base platform was changed to Eclipse 4.5 (Mars). A few UI bugs in standalone version were fixed with this migration.
  • DBeaver migrated to Tycho build system instead of Ant headless builds.

Since version 3.5.0 we no longer provide prebuilt archives for Solaris, AIX, 32-bit MacOS and Linux RPM (but you can always build them from sources).
If you need any of them – please write me or make a feature request on forum.

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