DBeaver 3.4.4

DBeaver 3.4.4 has been released.
Note: Version 3.4.4 was released at 29.07.2015. It is a hotfix version of 3.4.3. It fixes missing ER diagrams tab.
This is a really major version with a big number of fixes, improvements and a few new features.
Please report any bugs you will find. Once again thanks for everyone who posts bug reports and feature requests!

Brief changelist:

  • Oracle: metadata loading performance improved (12g)
  • SQLite: driver updated
  • SQLite: foreign keys loading fixed
  • PostgreSQL: sequences support added
  • Firebird: sequences support added
  • MySQL: columns extra info added (ON UPDATE, etc)
  • DB2: INOUT parameters support fixed
  • BIT/TINYINT and LONGVARCHAR types support fixed
  • Date/time value editor improved
  • BLOB/CLOB editors fixed
  • CLOB values cache support added (+configuration)
  • GoTo database objects dialog was fixed
  • Find/Replace dialog in results was fixed
  • SQL editor: parenthesis matching fixed
  • Results cell value editor fixed and improved
  • DDL generation improved
  • SQL parameters handle fixed (+configuration)
  • Transactions management fixed
  • Query manager fixed (updated row count si now correct)
  • UI freeze problems fixed
  • Document editor support added for MongoDB JSON documents and Oracle XML tables
  • A LOT of minor UI bugs was fixed



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