DBeaver 3.4.2

DBaver 3.4.2 has been released.
Brief changelist:

  • Stored procedures support was added in SQL Editor
  • Connections wizard and driver editor were improved
  • Bootstrap SQL queries config was added
  • Embedded databases support was improved
  • Possibility to disable editors reopen was added
  • Keyboard shortcuts were fixed
  • DB2 table names escaping was added
  • DB2 read-only connection was fixed
  • LOB export was fixed
  • Multi-connection initialization was fixed (auto-commit, transactions isolation level, current schema)
  • Cassandra multi-connection issue fixed
  • Persistent Query Manager history was added (no UI yet)
  • Many other minor UI fixes

  • Note: this version includes a lot of internal code refactorings and general code redesign. Although it was tested it still may contain bugs – side effects of these changes. So this version could be considered as a kind of unstable.

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