DBeaver 3.3.1

New version has been released. Primarily it is a bugfix version. But it has a few significant improvements too:

  • Results viewer UI was fixed and improved
  • Plaintext results viewer was fixed (columns width, scrolling, etc)
  • Dark theme support was improved
  • Single entity diagrams (ERD) were improved (show more connections)
  • Hex editor UI was fixed
  • GTK: context menus was fixed
  • GTK: UI freeze in cell editors was fixed
  • Vertica extension was added (views and procedure source code)
  • SQL Server & Vertica: big resultsets reading was fixed
  • PostgreSQL procedures source code viewer was improved
  • DB2: nanoseconds support in date/time data types was added
  • Cassandra: BLOBs columns reading was fixed
  • MongoDB: JSON & XML viewer added
  • Many minor UI fixes

Note: hotfix version update was released on Apr 14

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