DBeaver 3.3.0

New major version has been released:

  • Plain text results presentation added
  • Results viewer redesigned
  • DB2: metadata fixes (indexes, functions, table DDL, keywords)
  • SQL Server: extension added (views definition and procedures source code now available)
  • PostgreSQL: explain plan support added
  • SQLite: driver version update
  • CSV-JDBC: driver version update
  • SQL autocomplete fixed
  • SQL parser improved
  • Data transfer fixed (column types auto-cast added)
  • Results navigation fixed (keep filter values after navigation)
  • Mongo DB:
    • Connection invalidate
    • Data type management improved
  • Cassandra:
    • Cassandra Thrift is now obsolete. Legacy (0.x-1.x) Cassandra extension removed from DBeaver
    • Map, set and list types support added
    • Data type management improved
    • Tables autocomplete added
    • UUID type handler fixed
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