DBeaver 2.4.3

DBeaver 2.4.3 has been released.
It is hotfix version. It wasn’t planned but we had to make it because a few urgent bugs were found and fixed.
We are still working on version 3.x. It was planned to release in July but it definitely won’t be ready till mid August. Mostly due to a vacation time and hot weather which doesn’t let me to work on freeware projects. In fact I prefer to ride a bike, swim and have a good time than sitting by my pc :)

Brief changelist:

  • Table constrains reading fixed
  • SSH tunnel instantiation fixed
  • Editors reopen fixed
  • Data grid UI improved
  • Data grid toolbar fixed
  • jTDS driver updated
  • SSL for MySQL (alpha version)
  • Generic driver now splits tables and views
  • Oracle XML type support improved
  • ERD diagrams made IDEF1X compatible
  • Many minor UI fixes
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