DBeaver 2.3.0

DBeaver 2.3.0 has been released!.

It is a major version: we’ve migrated to Eclipse 4.3 platform and added DB2 extension (thanks to Denis Forveille).
Brief changelist:

  • DB2 extension (metadata browser, execution plan view, etc)
  • Eclipse 4.3 is now base platform (improves UI and editors performance)
  • Fixes of MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle ad CSV extensions
  • Metadata editor fixed
  • Execution plan visualization improved
  • Auto-increment columns edit fixed
  • Many minor fixes in UI and model

New DB2 functionality wasn’t yet tested very well so currently we support DB2 in two ways: good old Generic driver and brand new DB2 driver. In the next release new driver will replace old one completely. Note that currently DB2/zOS supported only by Generic driver.

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