DBeaver 1.3.0

DBeaver 1.3.0 has been released!
This version is mainly devoted to Oracle. New plugin was added to distribution. So, the changelist:

  • Oracle extension:
    • Allows to browse all Oracle-specific metadata like packages, views, sequences, procedures, tablespaces, users, roles, etc
    • Fully supports XML data type, supports Object and Collection types in read-only mode
    • Supports execution plan explain
    • Manages server sessions
  • Also:
    • Driver management was updated – now all drivers are “external”. JDBC drivers don’t ship with DBeaver anymore. But, as before, drivers will be atomatically downloaded on demand (e.g. when you make new connection). Or you may download drivers from official source and configure it in DBeaver manually.
    • MySQL driver performance improved
    • Ingres database driver
    • Linter database driver
    • Context help update (special thanks to Adam Peaslee for the verification and updates of product documentation)
    • Many UI updates
    • Bug fixes
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