DBeaver 1.2.2

New major release – DBeaver 1.2.2.
Main new feature – integrated context help system and first version of product documentation. Actually existing documentation in rough draft form, but we believe it is much better than nothing.
Brief changelist:

  • Integrated help system
  • SQLite drivers configuration
  • SSO (Single Sign On) support for MS SQL (obviously it works only in Windows version)
  • Driver manager enhancements (driver categories)
  • Automatic installer for Windows 64
  • And standard feature – bugfixes

Note about SQLite drivers. Three different drivers were added. You will need to choose the best one for you. Zentus driver is the oldest and most “standard” JDBC driver for SQLite. Xerial driver based on Zentus and provides some additional features. Driver written by Christian Werner provides more information about DB structure (keys, indexes) but it only works under Windows (it may work in other OSes but it requires SQLite native library and only Windows dll supplied with DBeaver – but you may build this library from sources by yourself, of course)

Note about SSO. This feature allows you to connect to MS SQL Server with your local/domain windows account. Just leave user name/password blank and connect. jTDS driver uses native libraries to implement this feature so it works only in Windows version of DBeaver. Special thanks to Adam Peaslee for idea of this feature.

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