DBeaver 1.1.3

Well here we are again.
We had no any news or other visible activity for a week or so. To be honest, last few days we tried to port DBeaver on GLaDOS. Tried very hard. At last we have no working port but at least we had a lot of fun.

From the other hand we succeded with support of other legacy systems. Here is version 1.1.3 changelist:
– Support of IBM Informix
– Support of SAP/MAX DB
– Support of Cache database
– Driver management was refactored. Now DBeaver ships with MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and JTDS drivers. All other drivers could be automatically downloaded on demand.
– SQL scripts import/export
– SQL syntax highlighting/scripts parse fixes
– Identifier escaping fix

Also we updated documentation. Check for FAQ, Roadmap and About pages.

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