DBeaver 1.1.0

We had plans to release new version with metadata editor support, however there were too many changes in UI so we decided to make this intermediate major version. So, here it is – DBeaver 1.1.0.


  • Major redesign of object editor/viewer
  • Context search in editors (in object lists and in ERD)
  • Show row count for tables (configurable, may be disabled to prevent database load)
  • Display child objects in item lists (for complex entities e.g. index/constraint columns)
  • ERD palette redesign (show structure of diagram content)
  • Filtering of database tree depending on element properties (e.g. show only columns for views)
  • Support of running background tasks view/cancel
  • Real progress monitor for editor tasks
  • Accelerators (shortcuts) and main/context menu update
  • Configure of new SQL scripts creation (in the root or in the connection’s folder) + deletion of empty scripts on close
  • Performance improvements (lazy activation of all sub-editors)
  • Icons update in core/generic/mysql plugins
  • Support of read-only datasources
  • DB2 driver: current scheme get/set
  • MSSQL driver: indent columns support
  • Memory leaks fixed in SQL and ERD editors
  • A lot of minor bugfixes and many minor UI changes

Thanks to everyone who sent us bug reports and feature requests, we really appreciate this!

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