Release Candidate 2

RC2 is available for download!
General UI
Major new features:

  • Bookmarks – any database objects can be added to bookmarks. Very usefull if you use only a little set of DB objects from a huge database with multiple schemas/tables/etc.
  • Scripts management. Now scripts are saved in special folders so you won’t loose any entered queries after script close. Scripts could be organized in folders.
  • Projects. Connections, scripts and bookmarks could be grouped into projects.

Additionally we have many bugfixes.

DBeaver is now tested under Firebird, Derby, HSQLDB, H2, McKoi, SmallSQL and dBase. Special thanks to Wolf van Heeswijk for testing against rare used database systems

This is the last RC version, next version will be release and it will be available in February 2011

Now we are in feature freeze mode, only bugfixes and minor changes will be added in final release version

Great thanks to everyone who wrote us emails with suggestions and bug reports – it greatly helps us to deliver quality software!

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