DBeaver 22.0.2

  • Data editor:
    • Option “show whitespaces” was added
    • Columns reordering in data filter dialog was fixed
    • Line numbers were added to plaintext view
  • SQL editor:
    • Script error visualization is not configurable
    • Block statements (BEGIN, IF, CASE) auto-close was improved
    • Auto-completion was fixed for INSERT queries
    • “Cancel active query” command was added
    • Filtering of aliased columns was fixed
    • Problem with DML queries re-execution on connection lost was fixed
    • Python source code format was added to Copy As command
    • “Hippie” auto-completion was disabled by default (due to performance problems)
    • SQL commands parser/navigation was fixed (thanks to @arvillion)
    • Parameter bindings dialog was disabled for long strings (like $$)
    • CASE/WHEN formatting was fixed
  • Driver editor:
    • Driver description editor was fixed
    • Maven artifacts version resolution was improved
  • Data transfer: recreate table mapping support was fixed (saved configuration and tasks)
  • SSH tunnels: connection timeout/keep-alive parameters change was fixed
  • MacOS: problem with application launch was fixed (problem with plist file modification)
  • Dark theme: buttons UI now matches OS theme
  • Apache Druid, Apache Kylin:
    • Table data read was fixed
    • Data type properties were fixed
    • Indexes read was fixed
  • Azure Databricks driver was added
  • Clickhouse: array data type editor was implemented
  • DB2: query terminator redefine support was added
  • H2:
    • System views DDL generation was fixed
    • Geometry data type rendering in new H2 driver was fixed (thanks to @ebocher)
  • MySQL: functions execute was fixed
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Nested arrays editor was implemented
    • Functions source code generation was fixed (function signature)
  • Portuguese localization was fixed (thanks to @TiagoValdrich)
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DBeaver 22.0.1

  • Navigator:
    • Connection read-only state switcher was added in main toolbar/menu
  • Data editor:
    • Auto-refresh UI was fixed (stop on error visualization)
    • Array data types handling was improved (PostgreSQL, Clickhouse)
    • Invalid fractional seconds rendering was fixed
    • Filter panel is removed in non applicable presentations
    • Number of selected rows calculation was fixed
    • Row colors reset option was added
    • Edit controls enable state was fixed for plaintext view
    • Keyboard shortcuts were fixed in inline date/time editor
    • Next segment auto fetch was fixed for specific queries
  • Data transfer:
    • “Ignore duplicated rows” option was added
    • Table mapping “re-create” support was improved
    • Skipped columns configuration save was fixed
  • SQL editor:
    • Data filter injection for custom SQL queries was improved
    • Transaction monitor was fixed (amount of statements in a transaction)
  • Tasks: task ordering was fixed (folders on top)
  • Command line: possibility to specify external variables file was added
  • MySQL: indexes edit support was added
  • Oracle:
    • Sequences DDL tab was added
    • Scheduler jobs metadata read was fixed
    • Arrays presentation was improved (numbers formatting was fixed)
    • Materialized view save was fixed
  • PostgreSQL:
    • View source editor was fixed (redundant ‘create or replace’ clause was removed)
    • Template databases are now visible is specified in connection settings
    • Server version < 8 support was improved
    • Saved backup/restore tasks UI was fixed
  • Redshift: search in procedure definition was fixed
  • Vertica:
    • Metadata performance was significantly improved
    • Table/column comments are now read in lazy mode
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DBeaver 22.0

Changes since 21.3.5:

  • Data transfer:
    • Table recreate mapping type was added
    • Table selector dialog now supports filters configuration
    • Variables configuration for data transfer tasks was fixed
    • Variables auto-complete was fixed in output file name
    • Custom data formatting now applied for TXT export format
    • Insert statement now supports DEFAULT clause for empty list of columns
  • Data editor:
    • Row count calculation query was fixed
    • Rows scrolling was disabled for data modifying queries
    • Problem with editor focus after new row add was fixed
    • Column value filter was fixed (wrong SQL query)
  • SQL editor:
    • Parameters binding dialog was improved (multiline editor was added, keyboard shortcuts were fixed)
    • Filtering and ordering by columns with aliases was fixed
    • Problem with cursor jump to script end was fixed
    • Script selector popup was fixed (issue with datasource association)
    • Script task execute was fixed (for connections without default database)
  • DDL generator: option to generate FKs as separate statements was added
  • Metadata search: search by LIKE pattern was fixed
  • Session manager UI was fixed (multiline cells on Linux, background color for connection type)
  • Interface language now can be changed in preferences (for MacOS and Linux installers)
  • SSH: option to disable host name validation was added
  • Local clients configuration load was fixed (MySQL and PostgreSQL derived drivers)
  • Azure SQL server: view definition read was fixed
  • Clickhouse: read-only connections support was improved
  • H2:
    • Driver configuration for version 2.x was added
    • Check constraints support was added
    • Unique keys support was added
  • MySQL: new view creation was fixed (DDL)
  • Oracle:
    • Metadata read performance was significantly increased
    • Case-sensitive navigator filters support was fixed
  • Snowflake: custom authentication configuration option was fixed
  • SQLite: sequences read was fixed
  • SQL Server: open database object dialog now respects selected database
  • Italian localization was improved (thanks to @capitanfuturo)
  • Many minor UI bugs were fixed
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    Best alternative ways to download DBeaver Community Edition

    When it comes to the DBeaver Community, there are many resources to download it, besides the official website. Today we are going to tell you about the best alternative ways to get our open-source app.


    If downloading from our website is not suitable for you, we suggest you use GitHub. Go to our repository and click on the Releases button. On the new page, you will see a list of new features and files to download, including the source code.

    If you scroll down the page, you will find earlier DBeaver Community versions.

    For Windows users

    Windows users have a few ways to download DBeaver. As an example, you can find our open-source app for PC in Microsoft Store. To download it just click on the “Get” button.

    DBeaver Community Download

    Read more ›

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    DBeaver 21.3.5

    • SQL editor:
      • Problems with app freeze on very complex queries executing was fixed
      • Parameters binding dialog now supports multiline editor
      • Script selector panel UI was fixed
      • New scripts now position cursor to the end of script
    • Data editor:
      • Columns drag-n-drop support was fixed (Linux)
      • Dictionary table editor now supports default column names customization
      • Connection-specific data formatting settings save was fixed
    • Metadata editor:
      • Table DDL is now auto-updated after new table editing
    • Navigator:
      • Bug with connection element expansion during connect was fixed
      • Table statistics refresh was fixed
      • Columns configuration (visibility, size, order) save/load was improved
      • “Expand on connect” now expands both database and schema
      • Column reordering now supports multiple columns
    • SSH: known_hosts support and validation of target host before connect were added
    • Various database tools: NullPointer error in task wizard was fixed
    • Data transfer: table re-create option was added
    • Clickhouse: problem with access to read-only connections was fixed
    • Firebird: columns autoincrement option editor was added
    • Generic driver: ClassCast error during connection instantiation was fixed
    • PostgreSQL:
      • Event triggers support was added
      • Greenplum, EDB: local clients configuration was added
      • Google Cloud driver support was fixed (driver dependencies)
      • Functions signature now include out parameters
      • GIS viewer for columns in complex data types ws fixed
      • CIDR data type support was added
      • Deferrable foreign keys create was fixed
    • SQL Server Synapse support was improved (metadata reading)
    • Trino: problem with corrupted navigator tree after long connect was fixed
    • New drivers: Denodo driver configuration was added (thanks to @scruz-denodo)
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    DBeaver 21.3.4

    • Data editor:
      • Row fetch size now can be set to a small value (up to 1 row)
      • Search in data grid with enabled numbers formatting now works properly
      • Date/time editor calendar presentation now shows proper error messages
      • Data loss on resultset scrolling confirmation was added
      • Option to highlight selected cell value was added
      • Value view panel now supports shortcuts to switch between data formats (configurable)
    • SQL editor:
      • Bug with missing resultset tab focus was fixed
      • Script selector panel now supports “All connections” mode
    • Data transfer:
      • Export of columns of composite data types support was added
      • Popup message boxes were replaced with task bar notifications
    • Navigator tree: database object comments render was added (configurable)
    • BLOB/binary editor: problem with changes saving in hex editor was fixed
    • Dashboard view: problem with memory leaks was resolved
    • Auto-close of idle connections option was added (configurable)
    • Driver editor: Maven artifacts settings save/load was fixed
    • Bug with empty editor tabs after restart was fixed
    • Redundant logging during connection context menu opening was fixed
    • New database drivers:
      • Apache Calcite Avatica
      • Apache Druid
      • Apache Kylin
    • Clickhouse:
      • New driver was added. Old driver was renamed to Legacy.
      • LIMIT clause support was added for data read queries
    • Exasol: execution plan save/load was implemented
    • MySQL/MariaDB: permission editor was redesigned, grant option support was fixed
    • MariaDB:
      • New driver (3.x) support was added
      • Packages and sequences support was added
    • Oracle:
      • Table constraints load performance was significantly increased (thanks to @skybber)
      • PL/SQL syntax support was improved (packages and procedures parser was fixed)
      • WITH clause parser was improved
    • PostgreSQL:
      • Identifiers quoting was added for table DDL
      • Database backup now supports “drop if exists” option
      • Row replace method “ON CONFLICT DO UPDATE” support was fixed
    • Redshift:
      • New view create was fixed
      • Driver version was updated to 2.1
    • Generic driver now support sequences and synonyms edit/rename
    • Japanese localization was improved (thanks to @yoshinorin)
    • Several minor UI bugs were fixed
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    DBeaver 21.3.3

    • Data editor:
      • Date/time editor now supports calendar-like UI
      • Column names quoting was fixed in filter clauses
      • Filter for array columns was fixed
      • Gis viewer: SRID switch behavior was fixed
      • Save/cancel button are now disabled during data save process
      • Column filter now uses exact match for numeric values
      • Status message now shows execute timestamp
      • Advanced copy now respects quoted column names
    • SQL Editor:
      • Multiple result tabs refresh was fixed
      • Import file now supports multiple files selection
      • Client-side commands (@set, @include) parser was fixed
      • Auto-completion fix for SELECT .. INTO queries
      • Auto-completion now uses “hippie” completion algorithm by default
      • Copy as source code: Delphi format was fixed
      • “Copy selected query” command was added
      • Variables and parameters deletion was improved
      • SQL formatting was fixed (redundant empty lines eliminated)
      • Tab context menu was improved (additional items were added)
      • Code folding restore was fixed
      • Multi-cursor edit mode was added
    • Data transfer:
      • XLSX import was improved (problem with column mapping was fixed)
      • Import from CSV now uses approximate column length calculation
      • Append to file mode was fixed
    • Navigator: tree state loading was fixed
    • SSH tunnel:
      • Advanced tunnel configuration UI was improved (window auto-resize)
      • Tunnel test dialog now supports test interruption
      • Private key configuration was fixed for jump servers
    • Task execute status now shows more detailed information
    • Eclipse plugin: history navigation shortcuts support was fixed
    • MacOS: application termination on detached window close was fixed
    • Localizations:
      • Simplified Chinese localization was significantly updated (thanks to @bianyun1981)
      • Italian localization was updated (thanks to @capitanfuturo)
      • Japanese localization was fixed and updated (thanks to @yoshinorin)
    • Oracle: native quoting parser was fixed
    • PostgreSQL:
      • Error (NullPointerException) in explain execution plan was fixed
      • Role DDL was fixed (connection limit)
    • SAP HANA: hyperlink navigation ws fixed
    • SQL Server: Database metadata read fix (problem with is_external column)
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    DBeaver 21.3.2

    • Data editor:
      • Auto-completion was fixed in filters panel
      • XML auto-format was fixed (elements sort was disabled)
      • Filter by column with alias was fixed
      • Numeric type transformer was fixed
      • Extra tab close action were added (close to the left/right)
      • Arrays presentation in record view was fixed
    • Files drag-n-drop (between DBeaver and OS file explorer) support was added in the project explorer
    • SQL editor: “hippie” auto-completion support was added (beta)
    • SSHJ implementation now included in DBeaver Community by default
    • Problem with DBeaver crash was fixed (when workspace path contains spaces)
    • Driver management:
      • New Java11 modules were added to support new JDBC drivers (java.net.http)
      • Drivers copying was fixed (keep advanced driver settings)
      • Maven artifacts edit dialog was fixed
    • Data transfer:
      • CSV parser performance was significantly improved
      • Identifiers case configuration was added in SQL export format
      • Option to append results to an existing file was added
      • Date formatting was fixed for JSON format
      • Variables support in saved tasks was fixed
      • Support of arrays import from CSV was added
      • Problem with export wizard buttons enablement was fixed
    • Session manager: column grouping was added
    • Command line support: default connection now set for opened SQL scripts
    • SalesForce driver was added
    • AWS Athena: driver version was updated, problem with column filters was resolved
    • Babelfish:
      • Synonyms, sequences and triggers were removed from metadata navigator
      • Cross-database access was disabled, only default database is visible
    • Clickhouse: typed arrays support was added
    • Derby: check constraints support for remote server driver was fixed
    • SAP HANA: public schema presentation was changed (thanks to @kai-morich)
    • SQL Server: external tables support was added
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    Log4Shell vulnerability is NOT dangerous for DBeaver users.

    Lately, we have received many requests about a dangerous bug in the Log4j library, and we hasten to reassure you:
    none of DBeaver products use log4j for any program needs. It is entirely safe to use the latest DBeaver versions.

    A few days ago, it became known about a dangerous Log4Shell vulnerability in the Log4j logging tool, which is distributed in the form of a library along with the Apache Logging Project.

    The issue with log4j is applicable for server applications that receive HTTP requests, not for desktop applications such as DBeaver.
    You can find more information about the vulnerability here.

    Please, feel free to contact our support team if you have additional questions at https://github.com/dbeaver/dbeaver/issues .

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    DBeaver 21.3.1

    • SQL editor:
      • Auto-completion for tables without alias was fixed
      • Script file name template support was added
    • Data editor: column filters edit dialog UI was improved
    • Resource manager: cross-project connection drag-n-drop was fixed
    • Task manager: task statistics read was fixed
    • SQL query generator: string values quotation was fixed
    • Driver manager: Maven artifacts import/edit UI was improved
    • Connection lock password support was fixed
    • Navigator:
      • Object filters now support backslash escape
      • Multiple minor UI bugs were fixed
    • DB2: table organization property was added
    • PostgreSQL, Greenplum, Redshift:
      • Permission editor UI was fixed (redundant GRANT/REVOKE commands merge)
      • Composite data types support was fixed
      • Execution plan rendering was fixed (“Parallel” scan)
      • Partition tables statistics read was fixed
    • SQL Server: column data type modifiers generator was fixed
    • SQLite: table foreign keys editor was added
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