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DBeaver 7.3.1

Well, 2020 is almost over (phew). We’ve made a several major changes in the last version of the year: Installers: Windows installer packager was reworked MacOS PKG installer was deprecated, DMG installer now includes JDK Linux installers (DEB and RPM)

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DBeaver 7.3

New major release: A lot of improvements for MacOS: Problem with toggle checkboxes was fixed Problems with inline value editors were fixed Problem with connection editor open on single click was fixed Problem with metadata viewer in BigSur was fixed

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DBeaver 7.2.5

SQL Editor: Folding support was improved and enabled by default Current/selected word highlighting support was improved SQL formatting was fixed for DDL queries (like CREATE TABLE) “Find in Google” command was added SQL-related preference pages were redesigned Parser of complex

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Hosting migration

Due to a very high traffic we can’t keep DBeaver downloads on the single host anymore. Since today (Nov 4 2020) all binaries are located in the CDN cloud ( For most users it will improve download performance. However, if

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DBeaver 7.2.4

Data transfer: REPLACE/UPSERT support was added in SQL export format Target format selector was fixed (Linux) Bug in dump/restore credentials save was fixed Data viewer: Contrast color now used as foreground color Bug with results fetch size disable was fixed

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DBeaver 7.2.3

Data transfer: Data preview was fixed for custom SQL queries Binary format mapping was fixed (BLOB->binary) Target table name mapping was improved Context data context menu item visibility was fixed SQL format: extra options were added (including INSERT OR REPLACE

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DBeaver 7.2.2

Database navigator: View only connected data sources filter was added Quick search in connections/schemas options were added Multiple objects delete confirmation dialog was redesigned Tooltips visibility configuration was added in preferences Windows installer: shortcuts for “All Users” were fixed SSH

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DBeaver 7.2.1

Preference pages structure was reorganized (in the standalone and plugin versions) Database navigator: Filters now support masks escape (_ and % characters) Connection state icons were replaced and adapted to dark themes SQL Editor: editor tab title now can include

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DBeaver 7.2

Major changes since 7.1: Simplified database structure view was added Database maintenance tools can be saved as tasks now Table and schema size statistics were added in the database navigator Import from multiple CSV files was added. Files can be

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DBeaver 7.1.5

Data transfer: Import from multiple CSV files was added Import from files into new tables Data import preview dialog was added Target table create/alter DDL now supports database-specific options Virtual columns are ignored in SQL INSERTs export Problem with data

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