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DBeaver 5.1.3

Release notes: Database objects search fixed (GoTo object dialog) Database full-text search was improved (state loading, bug were fixed, search history was fixed) Default error dialog was redesigned (allow message copy-paste and scrolling) Drivers download errors was fixed (missing Maven

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DBeaver 5.1.2

Release notes: SQL editor: Commands toolbar was redesigned SQL formatting for JOINs was fixed Indentation in auto-formatter was fixed Vertical editor selection bug was fixed Support multiple values in @SET command Command shortcut processing was fixed Results viewer: Filter editor

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DBeaver 5.1.1

Release notes: Results viewer: Filter text can be expanded (for multi-line filter values) Filter editor now supports undo/redo and drag-n-drop Text value editor was fixed (undo/redo commands) Grouping panel UI was fixed (settings save, dark theme, keys navigation) Table ordering

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DBeaver 5.1

DBeaver 5.1. has been released. It is a major cumulative version. Release notes: Results viewer: Groupings panel was added (GROUP BY generator) Results viewer: Aggregate panel was renamed to Calc Results viewer: links navigation was fixed (references rendering) Results viewer:

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DBeaver 5.0.6

Release notes: Support of cells edit for queries with joined tables SSH tunnels: test connection button was added Results viewer: horizontal scroll with mouse wheel (with Shift key) Results viewer: extra header tooltips were added PostgreSQL: debugger – fix breakpoints

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DBeaver 5.0.5

Release notes: PostgreSQL procedures debugger was added in CE Search in query history feature was added Query manager view was redesigned DBUnit data export format support was added (thanks to Henrik Hansen) Eclipse Mars (and earlier) support was fixed Foreign

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Important notice: We decided that DBeaver deserves a second level domain. So, eventually, the community web site has moved from to Yahoo! All existing links should work fine (they will be just redirected to the same page link

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DBeaver 5.0.4

Release notes: Different action icons were fixed (results viewer, SQL editor, file operations) Results viewer: context menu was redesigned (compacted) Results viewer: scrolling shortcuts were changed HighDPI support: composite icons rendering was fixed Data export: SQL INSERT format support for

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DBeaver 5.0.3

Release notes: Event notification UI was added (commit/rollback/reconnect events) Results viewer: status bar update fixed (re-layout) Results viewer: filters reset action enablement was fixed Results viewer: ordered UUID transformer was added Results viewer: support of grid columns drag-n-drop in text

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DBeaver 5.0.2

SQL editor: Empty script close behavior config was enhanced Resources leak (thread + memory) was fixed Results viewer: plaintext + record mode error was fixed PostgreSQL: Permission grants in table DDL Constraints comments support was added Foreign keys comments support

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