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DBeaver 22.0

Changes since 21.3.5: Data transfer: Table recreate mapping type was added Table selector dialog now supports filters configuration Variables configuration for data transfer tasks was fixed Variables auto-complete was fixed in output file name Custom data formatting now applied for

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DBeaver 21.3.5

SQL editor: Problems with app freeze on very complex queries executing was fixed Parameters binding dialog now supports multiline editor Script selector panel UI was fixed New scripts now position cursor to the end of script Data editor: Columns drag-n-drop

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DBeaver 21.3.4

Data editor: Row fetch size now can be set to a small value (up to 1 row) Search in data grid with enabled numbers formatting now works properly Date/time editor calendar presentation now shows proper error messages Data loss on

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DBeaver 21.3.3

Data editor: Date/time editor now supports calendar-like UI Column names quoting was fixed in filter clauses Filter for array columns was fixed Gis viewer: SRID switch behavior was fixed Save/cancel button are now disabled during data save process Column filter

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DBeaver 21.3.2

Data editor: Auto-completion was fixed in filters panel XML auto-format was fixed (elements sort was disabled) Filter by column with alias was fixed Numeric type transformer was fixed Extra tab close action were added (close to the left/right) Arrays presentation

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Log4Shell vulnerability is NOT dangerous for DBeaver users.

Lately, we have received many requests about a dangerous bug in the Log4j library, and we hasten to reassure you: none of DBeaver products use log4j for any program needs. It is entirely safe to use the latest DBeaver versions.

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DBeaver 21.3.1

SQL editor: Auto-completion for tables without alias was fixed Script file name template support was added Data editor: column filters edit dialog UI was improved Resource manager: cross-project connection drag-n-drop was fixed Task manager: task statistics read was fixed SQL

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DBeaver 21.3.0

Data viewer: Filters configuration dialog UI was fixed (MacOS) Found occurrences highlighting was fixed (find/replace) Problem with long columns resize was fixed Problem with overlapping column icons was fixed Diagram viewer: connections auto-layout was fixed Problem with SQL script preview

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DBeaver 21.2.5

Data editor: Spatial viewer now saves proper SRID for tables and columns Find/replace for BLOB/CLOB columns was fixed Metadata editor: Navigator refresh was fixed Schema-level index create was fixed ERD editor: columns search was implemented SQL editor: Files copy into

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DBeaver 21.2.4

Task management UI was redesigned for data transfer, admin tasks and SQL tasks Data transfer: Bulk load (COPY) support was added for PostgreSQL Cross-database data type mapping was improved for PostgreSQL, Oracle and Sybase Additional variables were added for file

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