DBeaver 22.1.5

  • SQL editor: script to connection association problem was fixed
  • Data editor:
    • Major memory leak in data editor was fixed
    • Issue with grouping panel cleanup was resolved
    • Hex editor now respects read-only status of columns
    • Find/replace dialog now respects focused control
  • General:
    • Issue with connection configuration load and edit was fixed
    • Dialog buttons layout was fixed in different dialogs
    • Authentication profiles configuration UI was fixed
  • SQL Server:
    • View definition read was fixed for Azure databases
    • nvarchar/nchar column length detection was fixed
  • MySQL: issue with numeric schema names was fixed
  • Oracle:
    • Trigger DDL was fixed (CREATE keyword)
    • Data type DDL generation was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: filters for composite data types were fixed
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