DBeaver 21.0

We switched to calendar versioning: version 21.0 comes after 7.3.

Main changes since 7.3:

  • Big number of improvements in data transfer tool (insert or update, types mapping, ordering, etc)
  • Spatial viewer: 3D objects support, custom tiles, SQLite support
  • SQL editor panels (log, output, result tabs, toolbars) were significantly redesigned
  • MacOS: a lot of UI rendering bugs were fixed, BigSur support added
  • A lot of database-specific issues were resolved and new features were added
  • All packages now include Java (no need to install it separately)
  • New databases: Trino, PostgreSQL for Google Cloud

Changes since 7.3.5:

  • MacOS: data grid renderer was fixed (bug with mess coloring)
  • Linux: package for ARM arch was added
  • Data transfer:
    • Multiple tables export ordering was improved
    • Tables manual reorder support was added
  • MySQL:
    • Events editor was added
    • mysqldump command line parameters now respect client and server versions
  • Oracle: tables statistics calculation was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: array data types resolution was fixed
  • Firebird: system objects detection was improved
  • BigQuery: driver version was upgraded
  • Exasol: SQL editor now supports LUA scripts (thanks to @Sargul)
  • Clickhouse: driver version was upgraded (SQL parser fix)
  • Redshift: bug with data types reading was fixed
  • Problem with “Tip of the day” popup was fixed
  • ERD: bug with broken notes layout after refresh was fixed
  • Action icons rendering was fixed on Linux
  • Many minor UI bugs were fixed
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