DBeaver 7.1.3

Midsummer release. Vacation time

  • Spatial presentation: tooltips rendering was fixed
  • DB2: UI tools were converted into database tasks
  • MySQL/MariaDB: database restore was fixed (binary data corruption)
  • PostgreSQL: data type DDL was improved + comment edit support was added
  • Oracle: problem with connect as SYSDBA was fixed
  • Exasol: (thaks to @Sargul)
    • Database error type discovery was added (proper handle of “connection lost” errors)
    • Metadata read performance was improved
  • Googlee Spanner: official driver configuration was added (thanks to @olavloite)
  • Simple view mode was fixed (redundant database objects were hidden)
  • Proxy configuration UI was fixed
  • MacOS installer was fixed (potential vulnerability was removed, thanks to @De4dCr0w)
  • Tasks management: error handing was improved (for deleted tables)
  • We reverted to Eeclipse 2020-03 platform (it resolves a set of UI glitches on some platforms)
  • A few minor UI and database-specific bugs were fixed
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