DBeaver 7.0

DBeaver 7.0 is our new major release.

Changes since 6.0:

  • Tasks management: data transfer, backup-restore, SQL execution
  • Data viewer and data editor UI major improvements:
    • GIS/geo-spatial viewer
    • JSON viewer
    • Logical columns, primary and foreign keys
    • References panel
    • Advanced row coloring
  • SQL editor major improvements:
    • Smart-commit mode
    • Enhanced SQL parser and auto-complete proposals
  • Git integration
  • SSH agents and jump servers support
  • And a lot of other great things


  • We increased number of supported drivers to 81
  • We closed almost 2000 issues on GitHub.

Thank you for your support!

Changes since 6.3.5:

  • SQL script execute task:
    • Support of multiple scripts was added
    • Support of multiple connections was added
    • Configuration wizard was completely redesigned
  • SQL editor:
    • Auto-complete proposals were colorized
    • Auto-complete for table column possible values
    • Synonyms are now resolved as tables
  • Data viewer:
    • Filter panel auto-completion was fixed
    • Value viewer panel refresh was fixed
    • Boolean column transformation was added (view numeric columns as checkboxes)
  • Import from CSV: column mappings was fixed
  • Popup panels unexpected close was fixed
  • Invalidation of dead SSH tunnels was fixed
  • PostgreSQL:
    • Type cast for updates and filters is now used
    • Timestamp scale edit was fixed
  • SQL Server:
    • Driver version upgrade (to 8.2)
    • Data import for IDENTITY columns was fixed
  • MySQL: permission editor supports schema masks
  • Oracle:
    • PL/SQL parser was fixed
    • Comment editor for views and functions was fixed
    • TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE support was improved
  • HANA:
    • GIS (geometry) data types support was improved (by @stefanuhrig)
    • Table column drop was fixed
  • OmniSci: driver version was updated.
  • Linux: UI freezes were fixed
  • A few minor UI improvements (icons, English localization, ERD colors, shortcuts)
  • A lot of minor bug fixes
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