DBeaver 6.2.1

Release notes:

  • Data viewer:
    • Spatial (GIS) presentation improved (tooltips, different shape colors for different columns)
    • JSON render performance was significantly improved
    • XML value viewer was fixed (proper error handle)
    • XML auto-formatting was fixed (extra whitespaces)
    • Context menu “Navigate” was added (returned)
    • Floating numbers representation was fixed (exponential view)
    • Columns transformation settings dialog was fixed
  • SQL Editor: update row count calculation was fixed
  • MySQL: date/time formatting was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: 3D geometry columns render was fixed
  • SQL Server: problem with identifiers with “go” characters was fixed
  • Oracle: SQL parser was fixed (CASE WHEN ELSE END)
  • Connection settings:
    • Load multiple data-sources*.json files
    • Respect preference changes (timeouts and other) in “Test Connection” dialog.
    • Project export/import wizard was fixed
  • Database metadata search wizard was fixed
  • New database drivers:
    • H2GIS
    • Kognitio
    • Opendistro (Elasticsearch)
  • A lot of other minor UI bugs were fixed
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