DBeaver 6.1.3

  • New project configuration format was implemented. Main advantages:
    • Better security (now we keep user credentials separately)
    • Better support for version control systems (e.g. Git)
    • Now we use standard (OS-specific) directories for configuration location
  • Major features:
    • Logical foreign keys
    • Data viewer: “References” panel was added (browse values by foreign and reference keys)
    • Network profiles support was added: you may configure SSH/Proxy settings once and reuse them for any number of connections
  • Other:
    • Connection page was redesigned
    • Data viewer filter panel UI was improved
    • Snowflake: procedures DDL, connection page fix
    • Google Spanned database support was added
    • PostgreSQL: struct/array data types support was fixed
    • MySQL: privileges viewer was fixed (global privileges grant/revoke)
    • DB2 i: procedure list and DDL reading was fixed
    • Many minor UI bugs were fixed
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