DBeaver 4.3

DBeaver 4.3 has been released. It is a major release which supposed to be more stable than all 4.2.x minor releases.
One of the main differences is enabled localizations (Chinese, Russian, German). Thanks to contributors (special thanks to Liu Yuanyuan)!
Brief changelist:

  • UI localizations (Chinese, Russian, German) were added back
  • Database navigator: new objects (tables, views, columns) create was fixed
  • SQL Editor: active query extraction/parse was fixed
  • SQL Editor: proposals auto-activation was fixed
  • SQL Editor: compact SQL formatter was added
  • Results viewer: data types coloring support was added
  • Results viewer: cell value editor
  • Results viewer: dictionary edit dialog was fixed (custom criteria)
  • Driver manager dialog was improved (driver copy, sorting)
  • Main toolbar was slightly redesigned
  • Support environment variables in connection properties
  • Navicat connections configuration import was added
  • Some icons were updated (application, SQL editor)
  • Find/replace dialog was added in text edit fields (from context menu)
  • PostgreSQL: basic partitions and inheritance support in database navigator
  • PostgreSQL: view edit/create was fixed
  • Vertica: 7.x-9.x driver configuration
  • Neo4j driver configuration was added
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