DBeaver 4.2.4

Brief changelist:

  • Results editor: zoom in/zoom out support
  • Stored procedures results visualization fix
  • Active database/schema switcher was fixed
  • Bootstrap queries processing was fixed (prepared statement)
  • Command line parameters processing was fixed
  • Views/triggers create/edit was fixed
  • Metadata compare: compare views source
  • Running queries in background: UI freeze fix
  • Results viewer: columns width configuration
  • Installers icons/splash screen were updated
  • Chinese localization additions (-nl zh)
  • Connection invalidate command was fixed
  • SQL generation was improved (FQ names config for DDL)
  • Oracle: PL/SQL blocks parser was fixed
  • Oracle: FLOAT (NUMBER) data type edit was fixed
  • MySQL: extra options in database dump wizard
  • MySQL: database charset/collation edit
  • DB2: show aliases in SQL auto-completion
  • PostgreSQL: permissions panel was redesigned
  • SQLite: data types properties
  • Misc UI fixes

Note: we have re-registered all certificates to the Rider Soft LTD company. Windows executables are signed with the Symantec Code-Sign certificate. Windows 10 may warn about this certificate during one or two weeks – that’s ok.

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