DBeaver 4.1.3

Brief changelist:

  • Results viewer: save filters settings for each table
  • Results viewer: columns reordering with drag-n-drop
  • Results viewer: dark theme support was improved
  • SQL editor: variables support was fixed (global vars)
  • SQL Editor: hyperlinks on quoted identifiers were fixed
  • SQL Editor: autocomplete of quoted identifiers was fixed
  • SQL scripts create was fixed (for new projects)
  • Triggers source viewer was fixed (empty trigger body)
  • Auto-complete: optional support of global (in all schemas) tables search
  • Checkbox editor UI was fixed
  • Database/schema selector was fixed (application minimize problem)
  • Custom (named) object filters support was added
  • Locale configuration was fixed
  • Custom SQL queries ordering fix (quoted column names)
  • Exasol: object comments support improved, DEFINE command support
  • Oracle: all table triggers folder was added
  • PostgreSQL: SSL configuration UI was fixed
  • Informix: active database change was added
  • Informix: column names (instead of descriptions) in results viewer
  • Informix: triggers reading was fixed
  • Drivers download was fixed
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