DBeaver 4.0.4

Brief changelist:

  • Connection editor UI fixed
  • Client-side SQL scripting (@set and @echo commands)
  • Results editor was improved (shortcuts, focus loose fix)
  • Results editor: create/copy/paste multiple rows with one command
  • CSV JDBC driver config fixed
  • Apache Drill: driver update
  • Oracle: table privileges tab, roles and users UI improved
  • Oracle: scheduled jobs and programs support was added
  • Oracle 8-10: data editor fixes
  • Maven repository list updated. Warnings for non-secure repositories
  • External SQL formatter was fixed
  • Transaction monitor UI was fixed
  • Mac OS: object editor and results editor UI rendering was fixed
  • Many minor UI fixes

EE version notice: DBeaver EE 4.0 is still free of charge.

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