DBeaver 4.0

Big release. Eventually we have migrated to Eclipse 4.6.
Besides other changes this means that DBeaver now requires Java 8.
Note: only Community Edition version was released. EE version will be released a bit later.


  • Migration on Eclipse 4.6 platform:
    • DBeaver now requires Java 8
    • Support of HighDPI monitor
    • SQL editor zoom in/out function
    • Many UI fixes in GTK mode (CPU usage)
  • Transaction monitor
  • Pending transactions monitor dialog
  • Commit/Rollback commands are enabled only if transaction is active
  • SQL editor: performance fixes (CPU usage in idle mode)
  • SQL editor: tabs switch shortcuts added
  • SQL editor: memory leaks fixed (multiple result tabs)
  • SQL completion: quoted identifiers completion has been fixed
  • Results view: custom coloring fixed (multiple color settings for single column)
  • Results view: attributes hide/show fixed (visibility change doesn’t require results refresh)
  • Query manager view: rows coloring was fixed
  • Data export: execute external process on finish
  • CSV export: NULL value rendering configuration
  • Create index: ability to set column ordering
  • Connection keep alive now reopens failed connections
  • Status bar: shows current time zone and locale
  • Connection editor: connection folder settings save was fixed
  • SSH tunnel config: ask for password if password wasn’t saved in connection settings
  • BLOB value rendering was fixed
  • HSQLDB: embedded database shutdown fix
  • MySQL: SSL support has been improved (certificate private key support, Google Cloud support)
  • Oracle: PL/SQL packages navigation was improved (navigate from procedures and from SQL editor)
  • Oracle: fix of metadata reading for version <= 8
  • PostgreSQL: numeric columns scale/precision are now editable
  • PostgreSQL: case-insensitive autocompletion was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: new tables/columns comments save was fixed
  • SQLite: data editor was improved (SQLite synamic data type system support)
  • SQLite: read and edit of triggers and sequences
  • SQLite: native tables/views/triggers DDL
  • SQLite: tables rename support
  • Many minor bug fixes
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