DBeaver 3.8.4


  • Resultsets refresh UI was improved
  • SQL editor: connection selector was redesigned
  • SQL editor: auto-indent/completion was fixed
  • Use virtual keys in generated SQL
  • Generate SQL UPDATE for resultsets
  • Connection editor save was fixed
  • DBeaver identification config added
  • Maven repositories configuration UI has been improved
  • Preferences pages were reorganized
  • German localization (thanks to @Sargul)
  • PostgreSQL: table/role permissions viewer was added
  • PostgreSQL: new column create dialog added
  • PostgreSQL: disable BEGIN/END blocks processing
  • Exasol: auto-completion was fixed
  • MS SQL: DDL generation was fixed
  • Cassandra: NULL values read/write fixed
  • Data export: JSON format was fixed
  • Many minor UI fixes/improvements

I hope that this is the last 3.x version.
4.0 release is planned at the end of February.

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