DBeaver 3.7.0

DBeaver 3.7 has been released.
Main news: Redis extension, filters UI improvement and help system.

  • Context help system added
  • Filters dialog improvements (IN clause, dictionary browser)
  • Filters context menu was added (F11)
  • Multi-cell paste command was added (copy-paste from Excel, etc)
  • SQL editor + external files support improved.
  • SQL Editor auto-indent fixed
  • Row count limit usage fixed
  • Refresh connection URL on settings change (fix)
  • Saved passwords management fixed
  • Version update dialog/incremental update fixed (EE)
  • Drivers management dialog fixed
  • Results viewer: multiple bugfixes
  • MySQL: triggers create/drop fixed
  • MySQL: create procedure fixed
  • PostgreSQL: create/alter procedure fixed
  • Oracle: foreign key drop fixed
  • Oracle: BFILE type support added
  • Virtuoso: driver config added
  • CSV: driver configuration updated (maven)
  • Redis: beta version of Redis extension
  • Cassandra: InetAddress/UUID data types support, binary data type handle was fixed
  • Query manager persistence was fixed
  • A lof of minor UI fixes
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