DBeaver 3.6.8

This is a major version: a lot of resource management improvements were done and a lot of good news for Eclipse plugin users.
EE version was also extended with extra Eclipse plugins.

Brief changelist:

  • External projects/external SQL files are now managable
  • OS shell integration was added
  • Resource management was improved
  • SQL preview in data editor
  • Oracle: TNS names usage was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: SQL completion was fixes
  • PostgreSQL: schema and tables rename support was added
  • MySQL: functions source code read was fixed
  • MySQL: binaries dump in hex support was added
  • Cassandra: timestamp representation is now configurable
  • Teradata: tables, views, procedure DDL
  • SQL editor tabs can be pinned
  • SQL editor “link with navigator” command was improved
  • SQL completion now uses fuzzy search
  • ERD uses table filters
  • Binaries presentation was fixed
  • A lot of bug fixes and UI improvements
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