DBeaver 3.5.5

DBeaver 3.5.5 has been released.

  • Grid control was redesigned (filters, navigation, inline editors)
  • Triggers support was added for PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Sybase, Firebird, Informix
  • Processing of SQL blocks (begin/end) was fixed
  • Save of metadata changes was fixed
  • SQL editor connection selector was fixed
  • Data search (full-text) was fixed
  • Invalidate (reconnect) behavior was fixed
  • Persistent query filters history (EE version)


  • Metadata editor (views, tables, etc) refresh was fixed
  • PostgreSQL: text (clob) columns handle fixed
  • MySQL: “enum” and “set” data types support fixed
  • MySQL: partitions information reading was fixed
  • Firebird: views and procedures source code generation was fixed
  • Oracle: use DBA_* views when possible
  • Oracle: read new ROWID for inserted rows
  • Sybase: views, procedures and triggers source code
  • SQL Server/Sybase: hyperlinks detection fixed
  • UI freeze was fixed (metadata changes save)
  • Some standard Icons was changed
  • Minor UI fixes
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