DBeaver 3.5.2

DBeaver 3.5.2 has been released.

Warning: if you upgraded from 3.5.1 and you see IOException error during driver dependencies resolution then you need to fix the driver. Go to driver editor (click on “Edit Driver” on download page), press “Reset to defaults” button, press Ok and restart DBeaver.


  • Drivers download UI was fixed
  • Checkbox editor UI was fixed (MacOS)
  • JDBC drivers (Maven artifacts) dependencies resolution added
  • Windows installer was fixed (libraries unpacking error)
  • Data export: JSON format support was added
  • Solaris (x86) version is back in business
  • Table/columns alter fixed (column NULL/NOT NULL and DEFAULT modifiers)
  • SQL editor: hyperlinks resolution was fixed
  • SQL editor: active query extraction was fixed (multiline comments support)
  • SQL scripts creation (in a folder) was fixed
  • Redundant SQL scripts cleanup was added
  • MySQL comments handling was fixed (escaping)
  • MS Access (UCanAccess) driver updated
  • Firebird driver updated
  • Apache Hive driver was added
  • Apache Drill driver was added
  • Drivers icons added
  • Program icon fixed (Linux)
  • DBeaver sources moved to GitHub
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