DBeaver 2.2.0

DBeaver 2.2.0 has been released. It is a major version and it contains many improvements and fixes.

Brief changleist:

  • Multiple result sets are now supported by SQL editor
  • Result set filters has been improved (you may set filter criteria directly in SQL editor/table data viewer)
  • Find/replace support added result sets. Now you may search data right in result set using good old CTRL+F.
  • Metadata (tables/constraints/foreign keys) editor has been improved (you may create complex table structure in UI and then save it in one click)
  • JRE is now included in Windows installers. So there are no system prerequisites for DBeaver if you are on Windows.
  • MySQL TINYINT(1) data type problem fixed, Oracle date/time data type problems fixed, a few minor fixes for SQL Server and PostgreSQL added.
  • Many minor UI bugfixes and improvements
  • Have fun!

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