DBeaver 2.0.6

DBeaver 2.0.6 has been released!
This version contains really huge amount of fixes and improvements.
Thanks to everyone who send us feedbacks and bug reports, without your help this wouldn’t have happened.
So, brief changelist with pictures:

  • Grid data editor refactored. Embedded editor/viewer added
  • Support of complex SQL types (arrays, structures, references – tested on Oracle)
  • Value editors/viewers improved. Images preview in panel
  • Direct data export from SQL query
  • Advanced data copy dialog (support of locale specific number/date formats)
  • SQL query generator (for tables and result sets)
  • Connection invalidation before query execution (configurable)
  • Keyboard shortcuts are working in inline data editors
  • ResultSet export fixed
  • Hung on transactions level/autocommit change fixed
  • Hyperlinks fixed in metadata browser
  • Lazy properties loading fixed in metadata editor
  • Native tools menu fixed (MySQL and Oracle)
  • Eclipse plugin UI fixed
  • MySQL Views metadata editor fixed
  • Privileges editor fixed (MySQL)
  • Actual row count property added (Oracle)
  • Drop view statement fixed (Generic)
  • Tray icon notifier improved (show script name)
  • A few minor UI fixes

(Note: screenshots contains data from sample databases which are shipped with standard Oracle/Derby distributions. No any personal information has not been disclosed and no any rabbits were harmed)

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