Cassandra driver

Latest DBeaver version contains driver for Apache Cassandra.
Currently it is accessible with Generic driver and JKISS Cassandra JDBC driver.
Apache Cassandra
Although Cassandra is not relational database some concepts are similar to regualr databases – metadata browser makes sense and CQL queries are just like SQL.
Main difference is that Cassandra’s column families are not relational tables and doesn’t have particular set of columns. Generally each row may have its own set of columns and it makes standard resultset viewer almost useless. However you may execute simple CQL and browse column families with strict structure.
We are going to add non-relational data viewer features in future versions of DBeaver (it’ planned for Cassandra, Mongo, Berkley and probably for hierachical dbs like IMS).

JKISS Cassandra JDBC driver is open source. Sources can be checked out from SVN:
It is based on cassandra jdbc project. It has Apache 2.0 license.
This driver provides additional support of Cassandra keyspace metadata + support of older (prior 1.x) Cassandra versions.
Also unnecessary dependencies removed (cassandra clientutil and google utils).

If you are interested you may join this project. I’ll create landing site for it in nearest time.
If you have any questions/suggestions – please write me

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