DBeaver 2.0

DBeaver 2.0 Final Release version is ready.
Brief changelist:

  • Eclipse plugin version
  • SQL templates (snippets) support
  • Database compare feature
  • Data editor improvements
  • Hex editor for strings
  • XML data export
  • SQL log persistence
  • Project explorer UI improvement
  • Apache Cassandra driver
  • Misc fixes in generic JDBC/ODBC support
  • A lot of UI fixes

Notes: If you migrating from DBeaver 1.x then it is possible that views layout will be corrupted (extra gray spaces, corrupted toolbar, etc). In this case go to Preferences (main menu File->Preferences->Interface->Appearance) and change the theme (e.g. on Classic).

Thanks to everyone who helped us to make DBeaver better, who sent feedbacks and bugreports.
Special thanks to Eugene for localizations support.

Have fun!

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