DBeaver 2.0 Beta

Yep, it is ready. DBeaver 2.0.0.beta is ready for download.
For a while (until stable release) version 1.6.4 will be the default version for download. However 2.0 if fully functional and has several advantages.
Version 2.0 is compatible with Eclipse Juno (Eclipse 4) framework. Current standalone DBeaver version built and tested with Eclipse 4.2.1.

At last Eclipse Plugin version is available. Hooray. Plugin version may be run in Eclipse 3.7 or later (was tested with 3.7.x and 4.2.x).
Download links, release notes and instructions:

Beta version downloads replaced by DBeaver 2.0 RC
Eclipse plugin:
We have made Eclipse Plugin version (awaited by many). It is platform independent and can be installed on Eclipse 3.7, 3.8 or 4.2. I’d ask you to be careful when using this version in real projects. It is first official plugin release so it may be unstable. We will be grateful for any feedback.
Update site URL: http://dbeaver.jkiss.org/update/2.0.0/

Juno Notes:
To be honest, 4.2 is a quite buggy and unstable Eclipse version. But these guys didn’t let us a chance to stay on 3.x because Juno is now the default platform for all RCP solutions.
We’ve fixed many-many UI bugs and sideffects but I’m afraid there are much more of them. Generally we made this beta version release to receive user feedbacks and bug reports as we don’t have QA department :) So if you want more stable version – please stay on 1.6.4. From the other hand – Juno UI looks more fancy and modern ;)

Source code
We have played a little with Git and decided to stay on SVN, at least in this year. So, I have opened anonymous SVN access (read-only) to the DBeaver repository.
Trunk lives here: https://svn.jkiss.org/dev/dbeaver/trunk/

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