DBeaver 1.6.3

DBeaver 1.6.3 has been released. It is stable version with quite many improvements and fixes:

  • Support of data edit for tables without unique key
  • Support of custom descriptions for dictionary tables
  • Quick filter of ResultSets
  • ResultSet controls improved
  • Transactions management improved
  • Columns width fixed in ResultSet grid
  • Support of nanoseconds for TIMESTAMP data types
  • Oracle connection settings improved (SID/Service Name)
  • Oracle metadata load fix
  • Oracle DATE type handle fix
  • MSSQL active database selection fix
  • SQL formatter improvements
  • Many bugfixes and minor UI improvements

Now we are working upon new major version (DBeaver 2.0) based on Eclipse Juno framework.
But probably there will be a couple of intermediate versions before major release.
Have fun!

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