DBeaver 1.6

Finally here we are – open source version of DBeaver is ready.
We released under GPL license. As DBeaver is not a library but UI client there are no limitations for end-users. You may freely use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Brief changelist:

  • Chinese, Russian and Italian translations
  • Metadata tree filters
  • ResultSet editor improvements. Support of copy/paste for cells.
  • BLOB editor fix (save)
  • Oracle cursors viewer
  • Read-only connections support
  • HTTP proxy authentication support
  • SSH support for external (native) utilities
  • Line numbers ruler configuration
  • Fixed handling of dynamic SQL parameters
  • A lot of minor UI fixes and improvements

From this point we’ll increase team and start distributed development. So, I hope, it will let us to implement new mega features much faster :)

Notes about source code:

At the moment we are migrating from SVN to GIT version control system. I believe that SVN is not good enough for distributed development of open-source products.
So, for a while sources can be downloaded only as archive. You can find it at download page.

Special thanks to:

  • Eugene Fradkin (i18n and Russian localization)
  • Brook.Tran (Chinese localization)
  • Roberto Rossi (Italian localization)
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